I am so in love with this outfit. At the moment Loreley has reclaimed her stand and is standing on my desk because I can’t bare to move her back onto the shelf where I won’t get to see it in all its glory whenever I look over. 

Unfortunately I can’t leave her on my desk forever, and all of the shelves are too small for her to stand up on.

On my way back from taking pictures of Loreley in her lovely new outfit, I ran into the management of my uni accommodation. She thought that Loreley looked very beautiful and said that she was quite jealous of her dress, that she’d love an outfit like that to wear to formal.

She’d also never heard the name Loreley before.

So mail turned up today.

I bought one of kawaiimon's gorgeous corset set. It is absolutely gorgeous and fits Loreley perfectly. She also included a lovely pair of black shoes, which was so nice of her and also perfect, since Loreley only has one pair of shoes at the moment and they're white flats.

I’m hoping the wind will die down a little so I can go get some pictures of this beautiful outfit. Until then, I’m going to stare at the absolute incredible corset, which is beautifully made and not get any work done because I’m too busy admiring it.

Kawaiimon is incredibly talented, her work is so amazing.